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What does the scientific consensus say about it ?

What are the goals of Science Checker?

Explore the scientific literature

Useful for science journalists and the curious

Understand the established scientific consensus

It is therefore necessary to analyze several studies, not just one

Demonstrate the usefulness of Open Access

Like Open Source, we see Open Access as a high-value issue

What is Science Checker?

Your question

In the field of health about a link between an agent and a disease

The AI will study the database to discover the scientific consensus on the health topic concerned by your query

And will then deduce an answer by proposing the most relevant articles that can answer it

Data base

3 million articles in Open Access from PubMed (among 36 million) used as a source of information

How to participate in the development of the project?

As a Science Checker user:

It is possible for you to give us feedback using the Report button or the odds ratio flag if an answer seems incorrect or for any other potential error.

As a professional:

We are looking for funding and are open to technological partnerships to develop the tool. So if you are interested and want to support us, please contact us at or via the contact form available here

We would especially like to thank the Vietsch Foundation for funding the project, as well as for its follow-up and the enriching exchanges we had during its development.

Science Checker does not provide medical or health advice and is not intended for self-medication. Search results may contain outdated or inaccurate information.

Only a healthcare professional can provide medical advice.

What does the scientific consensus say about it ?

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